Kivi's Underworld Multiplayer

Kivi's Underworld Multiplayer 1.0

Kivi's Underworld is a casual, hack and slash game
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Kivi's Underworld is a casual, hack and slash game. Playing as Kivi or any of his companions, you leave the safety of the protected, underground cities to rebuild the lost city of Defiance, recruit more lumen to your cause, and defeat this growing dark elf threat, before they destroy your homeland and all of your kind. The fate of the lumen is in your hands. Can you save the lumen people?
Although very easy to learn, mastering Kivi's Underworld is a different matter. With a fast pace, over twenty playable characters, tons of powerups, many monsters using unique tactics and skills, numerous deadly traps, and multiple difficulty levels, even an expert player will be challenged.
The multiplayer expansion for Kivi's Underworld allows you to play Kivi's Underworld over a LAN or the internet.

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